Leopard geckos DON’T require UV Lighting. A soldier in Iraq told me so.

Random stranger on the internet:

Idk if you have ever been to Iraq sir. But I have in the united states amry. Leopard geckos do not require uvb. They stay I dark crevices under rocks or In holes. When. We did night runs is when they came out. If you do not belive me you can ask Mr Ron tremper herpetologist who essential wrote the book on them.

Me (Tired of defending best practice):

I have not been to Iraq. I have spoken to herpetologists who’ve been to Pakistan and Afghanistan and have seen them moving about at dawn and dusk when the sun is in the sky, albeit at low levels. Ron Tremper has perfected the art of providing perfect nutrition to leopard geckos without providing them with UVB lighting because that is his livelihood for many years. Therefore I agree with you in theory, leopard geckos do not NEED UVB. However, most beginners or even moderately experienced keepers are not Ron Tremper. And I see case after case of MBD in leopard geckos in captivity that DO have MBD which could have been prevented by providing UVB lighting. They also benefit in other ways from it, and experience it in the wild despite what you think. Not seeing one exposed to it during your time in Iraq is not evidence it doesn’t happen. It just means you didn’t observe it buddy. I’ve never seen a train wreck but I believe they happen in real life. Crepuscular (not strictly nocturnal) species like leopard geckos have been shown to be far more efficient at utilising low levels and exposures than diurnal lizards. Ultimately, if you’re arguing or advocating against providing UV light to leopard geckos you are denying them of something they do obtain in the wild because you prefer to do things a cheaper, more convenient way for you the keeper, which can be misinterpreted by more inexperienced keepers and end up causing serious welfare and health problems. Your call.

PS: I’ve just seen you’re a big gecko breeder. What a surprising viewpoint. Point 1 may interest you as well as point number 4.



4 thoughts on “Leopard geckos DON’T require UV Lighting. A soldier in Iraq told me so.

  1. If they are more efficient in utilizing uvb light, couldn’t then exposure to natural sunlight for a few minutes a week for the warm months of the year suffice?

  2. Yes it could suffice, if done consistently and regularly without dropping the animal’s core body temperature (UVB utilisation and vitamin D3 production is also temperature dependent), and in a way that doesn’t stress the animal out (stress from new surroundings, inadequate shelter, predator avoidance etc). Again, my advice is best practice. Buy a light.

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