An Introduction to Amphibian Medicine

I recently gave a talk to veterinary students at the Royal Veterinary College Zoological Society in Camden, London which was also video linked to their Potter’s Bar/Hawkshead campus about amphibian medicine and why it is relevant, not only in private practice but also on a global scale in conservation and laboratory research. Below is the link to the presentation, which outlines some of the topics I discussed:

Any questions are welcome in the comments section. Feel free to share.

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Amphibian Medicine

  1. I don’t know what to do, I brought a salamander on a twelve hours drive last night and the water got really hot so I put cooler water in the terrarium and they were fine, this morning one of them was sluggish. Around four hours later he stopped moving. I picked him with gloves and he still wouldn’t move. His heart is still beating but I think he’s in shock. What can I do to revive him??? Please answer soon, I don’t know how long he can survive like this.

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