Vet Humour Cartoons

I subscribe to a daily vet topic quiz ( which reaches my email each day and challenges me to test my knowledge on the far reaches of my vet degree. I like to think that I could still fare well as a farm or equine vet if I left the comforts of small animal practice now. But in reality I fear I would be as hapless as some of the characters in these cartoons that the daily quiz features to remind us practitioners that we aren’t the only ones despairing at our career choice at times! Vet work is never boring, but often frustrating. Here’s some of the cartoons that have particularly tickled me over the past few years. Maybe only vet staff will find them funny, who knows? Enjoy….

It shouldn't happen to a vet...but it does!

It shouldn’t happen to a vet…but it does!

bull - Copy Dead cat - Copy Flash - Copy OOH - Copy orangutan parrot - Copy parrot lisp spay thermometer untitled1 Vet humour1 Vet humour2 Vet humour3


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