Upcoming FREE Pet Reptile Webinar Summer Series 2014



Next week sees the first of my Summer Webinar Series on keeping pet reptiles, and will be broadcast live Monday June 23rd at 8pm GMT. You can register for free and sign up to attend here, and if you do so it will be available to view after the live recording for free:


I previously gave a webinar for Pet Webinars giving some general advice for beginners and intermediate keepers on reptiles as pets, which went down very well and discussed various aspects of their natural history and care in captivity. This recording is available to purchase for a small fee here:


The summer series I’ve been asked to give will hopefully cover some topics in greater detail. Here’s the details for each, which are scheduled for June 23rd, August 4th and September 22nd:

1) Reptile Housing

The importance of appropriate housing when keeping pet reptiles cannot be underestimated in terms of maintaining good health and vitality. Understanding housing design according to each species exact requirements is vital to successfully replicate conditions in the wild. In this webinar, we will explore the importance of housing design and advise on the best heating, lighting and other equipment necessary to keep pet reptiles. There will be a debate on naturalistic vivarium styles versus more clinical or intensive husbandry systems and how these factors can impact health as well as disease transmission. Common pitfalls to avoid will be identified, and some common husbandry advice frequently given for certain species will be analysed in depth.

2) Common Clinical Problems in Reptiles

In this webinar we will run through the top 5 clinical problems encountered when working as a reptile vet. Signs of health and disease will be explored to equip the pet reptile keeper with better knowledge and allow them to know when to seek veterinary advice. This webinar will contain a lot of interesting case studies of my own patients following their stories from initial owner concerns through the diagnosis and treatments of each condition. This is a great chance to get ‘behind the scenes’ into the reptile vet clinic environment and improve your knowledge and practical skills on the topic of reptile health and disease.

3) Lizard Nutrition and Husbandry

This webinar seeks to dispel the many myths and mistakes commonly encountered on the topic of keeping pet lizards. There will be a heavy focus on nutrition as well as how captive husbandry can affect nutritional status and disease. In particular, we will explore how artificial lighting has a huge impact on overall health, vitality and the issue of metabolic bone disease. Similarly, we will try to clear up the confusion surrounding the use of supplements, as well as discussing in detail how to design appropriate diets for carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous lizard species. I always maintain that in order to keep insect-eating lizards successfully, one must understand and care for their insect prey just as enthusiastically. Join us in this exciting session to find out why.


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