Getting back to writing….

I’ve neglected this blog I started ages ago, mainly due to personal and professional time constraints and focusing on social media platforms to share quick snippets of information and photos of my work. My Facebook (Sean McCormack Mvb) and Twitter (@ExoticPetVet) contain lots of advice, interesting case studies and photos, so feel free to have a browse of each. However, I’ve been putting various writing projects on the long finger for quite some time, and have decided to dedicate a few hours on my day off from clinics towards writing articles of my own. I would be really interested to hear from you regarding topics you’d like me to write about. Please post in the comments or on my social media pages if you have a specific request. Would love to hear from you.

Currently I write for the wonderful US based publication, Herpetoculture House Digital magazine (, which I would encourage anybody serious about reptiles to subscribe to. It is well worth a read and if you enter my offer code ‘HERPVET’ at checkout it will get you a 30% discount! I also write occasional articles for some UK based publications.

But I wanted to focus on my own blog, where I can accumulate lots of interesting topics for exotic pet owners as well as other vets. Feel free to share and link to my blog, I would appreciate your help in reaching a wider audience. Here’s to a new start, and I hope you find my musings and ramblings entertaining and informative.

All the best,



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