Buster Collars and following instructions…..

Buster collars, Elizabethan collars, lampshades or the dreaded ‘Cone of Shame’. Only prescribed when absolutely necessary, but all too often taken off too early by owners feeling sorry for their pet. One of the most frequent client compliance issues when animals are discharged from hospital. Also has to be one of the most frustrating things for the vet on recheck appointments when all your surgical efforts are destroyed because the owner doesn’t follow the instructions to leave the collar on.

We know he doesn’t like it, but if you leave it on he’ll get used to it. If you allow him or assist him to get it off in the first few hours he’ll never tolerate it. Which would you prefer, a sulking dog for a few days or an infected, inflamed wound, or worse still burst stitches and abdominal contents draggin on the floor? It’s all happened folks, please just leave the collar on as requested.

Sorry, rant over……………


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